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LNM membrane separation nitrogen device

The film has the characteristics of selection, permeation and diffusion for some gas components to achieve the purpose of gas separation and purification.

Working principle:

Membrane separation nitrogen making technology is based on the nitrogen and oxygen in the air in the membrane pressure difference on both sides, in the different solubility in the membrane and the diffusion coefficient and achieve separation, water vapor permeability fast, oxygen and other gases by membrane first, become rich gas, oxygen permeability and slow slow enrichment of nitrogen is stranded, become dry nitrogen rich gas, achieve the purpose of separation of oxygen and nitrogen.

Technical indicators:

Device process is simple, Reliable operation, High degree of automation, Non-moving part, No need to switch, to meet the requirements for long-term continuous operation.

Open / stop is convenient and fast, boot more than 10 minutes can produce qualified nitrogen;

Low energy consumption, the purity of nitrogen can be adjusted continuously;

No noise, no pollution gas separation process, does not produce harmful waste, producing high purity nitrogen;

The nitrogen production capacity of the system can be expanded by adding membrane modules to meet the needs of customers for different nitrogen increments;

It has a module intake quality inspection and protection device to ensure qualified gas into the membrane module, which improves the service life of the membrane;

The machine has compact structure, convenient installation and small footprint;

Wide application and can resist many kinds of chemical pollution;

Remote monitoring system is optional, Purity automatic regulating device, DSC and etc.

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