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TLO industrial oxygen generator

Tl0-y oxygen equipment is designed with PSA pressure swing adsorption principle. The oxygen is extracted from the air directly at room temperature with high-quality oxygen molecular sieve as adsorbent.

Working principle:

TLO oxygen equipment is carefully developed by using PSA pressure swing adsorption principle. With high-quality oxygen molecular sieve as adsorbent, oxygen is directly separated from air and prepared at room temperature. The compressed air after drying and purification is put into the adsorption tower with molecular sieve. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water and other elements in the air are absorbed in the solid phase of molecular sieve, while oxygen is enriched and exported in the gas phase due to the small adsorption amount. When the adsorbent reaches saturation, the pressure is reduced to make the zeolite desorption and regeneration so that the zeolite can be reused. Two adsorption towers are set up in the system, one tower for oxygen production and one tower for regeneration. The two towers are controlled by imported PLC to produce high-quality oxygen continuously.

Whole machine runs reliably:

Advanced oxygen production process design, scientific gas distribution structure, patented molecular sieve filling process, special protective measures of oxygen production molecular sieve and cylinder automatic pressure compensation device are combined organically, which is conducive to the long-term use of oxygen production molecular sieve. Continuous production is stable with imported PLC control system and imported pneumatic valve with a switching life of 3 million times, which is efficient and reliable. Ensure continuous and reliable operation of the device.

Advanced control system:

PLC control system, automation degree is high, can choose touch screen control system, which USES the human interface design, have shown more function, can be displayed online oxygen purity, parameters such as flow, pressure, fault signal, and can change operation parameters online, with remote monitoring, remote transmission signal, and remote key functions, high degree of automation, simple operation, can realize automatic unmanned, and DCS system and users from spreading.

Low operating cost:

Compared with other devices (including cryogenic oxygen, liquid oxygen and cylinder oxygen), PSA oxygen production costs are lower in small and medium sized devices.

Perfect after - sales service:

Perfect after-sales service system and distribution of marketing service network to ensure that every customer is assured of long-term use.

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