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Special nitrogen making machine for land oil field

Special purpose machine for land oil and gas industry,The special nitrogen making machine is applicable to the fields of nitrogen protection, transportation, cover, replacement, emergency, maintenance, nitrogen injection and oil production in continental petroleum and natural gas exploitation, coastal and deep-sea oil and natural gas exploitation. It is characterized by high security, strong adaptability, mobile operation and continuous production etc.


1.Adopt advanced membrane separation technology or PSA nitrogen making technology;

2.Low pressure nitrogen system includes air compressor, air purification equipment, membrane separation nitrogen plant or PSA nitrogen plant and control system.

3.High pressure nitrogen system includes turbocharger, generator, control system, self contained fuel tank and so on.

4.High pressure nitrogen system includes: supercharger, generator, control system, self - contained fuel tank, etc.

5.Complete equipment pry - block supply installation, sub-container and truck - type

6.Compact and reasonable layout to meet the car loading and long-distance road transport;

7.The equipment has its own power supply system, which can meet the normal operation without external power supply or external power, and is suitable for remote areas;

8.Satisfied the field operation, windbreak and sand, oil and gas fire, explosion-proof requirements.

9.This special equipment is applicable to the fields of nitrogen gas lift, stimulation, drilling, pipe purge and replacement, emergency rescue, etc.

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