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Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator

Pressure swing Adsorption(PSA) gas separating technology , It has been applied in gas separation for several decades and has been widely used in China and even all over the world。

Pressure swing Adsorption(PSA) gas separating technology , It has been applied in gas separation for several decades and has been widely used in China and even all over the world。

Working principle:

When the air in the pressurized through the purification and drying, Base on Aerodynamics, nitrogen and oxygen in the air in the zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) on the Pressure swing adsorption  will performance of different diffusion rate through the adsorption of nitrogen. Oxygen in carbon molecular sieve on the surface of the diffusion rate is higher than nitrogen. When the adsorption was not in balance, oxygen was absorbed by carbon molecular sieve in large quantity, and nitrogen was concentrated and enriched in the gas phase to achieve separation of oxygen and nitrogen.

The adsorption capacity of carbon molecular sieve for oxygen is different from that of pressure, Reduce the pressure, the oxygen molecules adsorbed on the carbon molecular sieve can be desorbed and the carbon molecular sieve can be regenerated for recycling. Two adsorption towers are set up in the system. One tower is used to adsorb nitrogen and one tower is desorbed to regenerate. The cycle of two towers is controlled by imported PLC to realize continuous production of high-quality nitrogen。

Technical indicators:

Nitrogen scale:3~5000Nm3/h    Nitrogen purity:95~99.9995%    Nitrogen pressure:0.1~ 0.8Mpa (can be pressurized)     Nitrogen dew point:-40~-70℃

“TIAN LI “nitrogen making machines marked:

★Adsorption tower with composite bed structure

Patent number:ZL 2007 2 010 7078.9

Features: the patented structure makes gas distribution uniform, preventing tunnel effect and no adsorption dead angle. Combined with the lower multi-stage air diffusion device and the upper cylinder compression device, the nitrogen production efficiency of the nitrogen making machine can be effectively improved with less air consumption and good long-term stability。

★Cylinder automatic compensation pressure loaded container

Patent number:ZL 2010 2 0146951.7

Features: Compared with spring pressing and coconut pressing, cylinder pressing is more stable, piston stroke is longer, reliability and monitor ability are stronger. It can effectively solve the micro void formed by friction pulverization in the process of adsorption and regeneration, and has the function of automatic compensation compaction of molecular sieve. Moreover, it can monitor the subsidence of molecular sieve and avoid molecular sieve pulverization. The cylinder is equipped with a carbon level alarm switch. When the molecular sieve sinks to the set position in the compensation chamber, the carbon level limit alarm (the alarm signal can be remote transmitting system) reminds the user to add the molecular sieve。

Multistage airflow diffusion device

Patent number:ZL 2010 2 0146525.3

Features: The patented structure effectively solves the problem that the molecular sieve is easy to be pulverized due to the direct impact of air flow on the molecular sieve, makes the gas more uniform in the adsorption process, and prevents the "tunnel effect" and the dead angle of adsorption。

★Intelligent control

Patent number:ZL 2007 2 0107079.3

Features: PLC automatic control technique. Combined with touch screen or computer system, local control display and remote monitoring can be combined to realize remote data transmission, printing, analysis, remote alarm, remote start and stop, fault warning, operation and maintenance reminders and other functions.。

Compound diffused silencer

Patent number:ZL 2010 2 0146952.1

Features: The gas impact noise is reduced instantaneously by means of multi-layer composite muffling and sound insulation materials. It has the advantages of smooth exhaust, low noise, thorough release and small vibration。

★One step process of pressure balance structure in high purity nitrogen

Patent number:ZL 2008 2 0170775.3

Features: One step process of pressure balance High purity nitrogen is produced by 9 valve adsorption pressure balancing process (as shown on the right)。

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